Some links

I am really interested in both Art and Design – particularly from an evolutionary perspective (perhaps not a good word choice).

In particular I suppose I am most interested in aesthetics which appears to be a universal feature of all societies and cultures. If considered from a Darwinian /evolutionary  perspective (that word again) art/ design seems to serve a purpose or different purposes. However rather than merely being a peacock’s tail the emotional dimension of art/ design seems to serve physical/mental/ spiritual purposes. The subtleties of art/design may be much more complex than this – for instance the memetic nature of classic art/ design -however what we can say is that art/ design can make us happy (and sad).

So cutting to the chase I thought I would share a link to an artist who I think produces some great art. I recently bought a painting from him and promised to place a link to his work:

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do….

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