Ignore the rise in school-led teacher training routes – universities are here to stay

Due to various misleading headlines appearing in relation to the DfE Teacher Training  Performance Profiles I wrote a piece for Schools Week.

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You can read the full piece online however to reiterate the main point is that repeatedly it has been recognised that the best teacher education takes place in partnership. The reforms that were introduced were untested, radical and divisive and in many circumstances damaged long standing school-university partnerships. As such I would advocate re-emphasing initial teacher education as a partnership or profession led activity.

Initial teacher education is too important to meddle with and needs to move away from the ideological, expedient and short term government objectives in the pursuit of a sustainable and critically informed profession.

If anything the rapid fragmentation of the school system in England means more than ever that critically reflexive teachers are required to autonomously contribute to the broader aims and values of education, rather than the merely being satisfied with the notional ‘bureaucratic independence’ characterised as school-led.