13 Years On – Finding Then Retaining New Teachers: Now A Global Context?

Dr David Spendlove's Blog

The latest trainee recruitment figures from UCAS for priority/ shortage subjects are increasingly looking a concern. However regardless of the figures the feeling on the ground, from anecdotal information, from other teacher education providers and schools, is that this is as bad as it has been for some time. Teach First have also indicated that this is the worst recruitment has been since 2002 however there are several reasons why the current context can be considered as a greater concern than 2002.

Firstly in 2002 the bursary system was just finding its way as part of a raft of measures including ‘Golden Hellos’ and the piloting of the Repayment of Teachers’ Loans Scheme. At the time the idea of £150 a week to train was certainly attractive (and manageable) particularly when balanced against student fees of £1,000. At the time I remember that the introduction of the incentives did suddenly…

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