Writing in New York

Last week I joined 13 other academics in New York at the Teachers College, Columbia University to review chapters we had each written for a new book on the future of Technology Education.

Inspired by working and debating at the educational home of the great John Dewey we examined each others chapters through the lenses of: Cultural Ways of Knowing; Pedagogy; Assessment; Curriculum; Nature of Technology.

My chapter is largely about ‘Designing’ but increasingly is about the nature of ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Rethinking Design Thinking’. More to follow on this when I am ready to share but I am grateful to my colleagues below for their interrogation of my ‘thinking’!




Back row: Duanna Fowler (administrator) (NZ); Professor Alister Jones (NZ); Professor Marc de Vries (NL); Steve Keirl (UK); Dr David Spendlove (UK); Professor Frank Banks(UK); Kendal Starkweather (USA)

Front row: Professor David Mioduser (IL); Wendy Fox Turnbull (NZ); Dr John Williams (NZ); Dr David Barlex (UK); Professor Marilyn Fleer (AU); Professor Kay Stables (UK); Dr Cathy Buntting (NZ); Dr Mishack Gumbo

D&TA Outstanding Contribution Award

In mid March – I was delighted to receive an award from D&TA for making an ‘Outstanding Contribution to Design and Technology Education’.  The award is the highest award the association gives and I was honoured to receive the award from Mike Ive OBE and Dick Powell.

Although I always thought this was an award you received at the end of your career – I am genuinely humbled to receive the award and to join the established list of previous winners which also includes Mike!