Interesting times for education – end of GTC for England?

These are interesting times for those of us in education with the new coalition government sweeping through with some immediate and radical changes. Academies, QCDA and BECTA were all high on the agenda – with the words ‘watch this space’ saved for the General Teaching Council (GTC).

And so on 2nd June 2010 it was announced on the DfE (I forgot to mention this subtle but significant change in name) website that the GTC was to be ‘scrapped’ (their words not mine).

This is a significant move – not least because myself and colleagues have been researching into the GTC for the last 18 months – so we didn’t quite know how to react to news. However the ‘scrapping’ in our opinion presents more questions than answers. Telling was part of the announcement:  “this Government trusts the professionals. That’s why we want to give teachers greater freedoms and reduce unnecessary bureaucracy”.  This could come back to haunt the government as does this mean that other professional regulatory bodies are equally not needed? So long General Medical Council!

Trust is very strong word – but a question we have been pondering is when does someone become a professional – presumably this is now increasingly important as this is the stage  that someone can then be trusted? Now some further questions would include – what happens to ensure the trust isn’t abused- will there still be a code of conduct – if so where will this reside and wasn’t this the main issue with the GTC, as in the code was perceived  to be at the forefront of what the GTC did and overshadowed what they actually attempted to achieve.  So our work continues – watch this space…


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