When is a wall not a wall – when it is a door….

Concepts of reality  are ultimately based upon simple rules and it is only when those rules break down that we start to question how robust reality is. When the ‘reality’ rules break down  we then create a new set of heuristics. Seeing the world in a different way is however critical for designers and creative people -but it is probably good for all of us to try and re-concieve the world in different way and challenge some of the perceived realities we engage with every day ranging from politics to education. And my point is… Well here is an interesting example designed to provoke concepts of reality in a mental health clinic. I am not completely sure of the rationale but presumably it is something related to the robustness of what we believe reality to be?

Here you can see the traditionally perceived construct of a ‘door’ is not a door and in fact is a  wall that  opens.

Here you can see the ‘walls’ or do I mean ‘doors’ closed…


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