Some nice feedback

I got an email recently from New Zealand from a teacher wanting to arrange for 130 copies of my assessment for learning book to be shipped to her school – a copy for each teacher. Whilst I am pleased that the book is useful – I am even more impressed to hear of a school commiting to both staff development and assesment for learning.

Hi there,
I recently spotted your new book online, and bought a  copy for myself via Amazon, and as soon as it arrived, a week ago, got  extremely excited. I am the Head of Science at my school, and having shared it  with the heads of Maths, English and Technology, we went as a group to the  principal to see if we could persuade him to spend some of next year’s  Professional Learning budget on obtaining one for each staff member. We are  beginning on a Professional Learning Community model from February, and  working alongside an external agency to develop understanding of AFL in  practice. We felt this would be an ideal resource book to accompany the  programme….

Larraine  Barton
HOF Science
Pakuranga College
New  Zealand


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